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The Future of MP3 Digital Music

By Dave Poon
Recording, playing and listening to music has never been more fun that it is today. Through the Internet, you can easily download songs and listen to your favorite music anytime of the day and wherever you are. Portable players that have access to Internet or those that can store large number of digital music files are now very affordable, fun to use and designed just right to fit the modern generation’s lifestyle.
What is MP3?
MP3, an acronym for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, is one of the most popular digital audio encoding and compression formats being used nowadays and is apparently making an enormous impact on how people store, listen and share music of different genres. It is even now regarded as a standard technology used in greatly reducing the amount of data used to represent audio without altering the uncompressed audio’s sound quality when played.
Compressing Audio into MP3 Digital Music
The compression ratio of MP3 is 12:1, which means that a typical audio file that is 1200 KB big can be converted into a 100 KB MP3 digital music file without corrupting the sound quality of the original. In fact, some MP3 digital music are clearer and sound better since the compression process eliminates portions of the original music that are not too significant to human hearing. There are three ways through which the unwanted portions of the music are determined; among them is psychoacoustics, which is a study of how people subjectively perceive sounds.
MP3 digital music can be compressed with various bit rates (the number of bits of data representing a second of audio), which makes it possible for you to create different sizes and sound quality of an MP3 digital music converted from the same original digital audio file.
Usually, digital audio is compressed with bit rates ranging from 128 to 320. MP3 digital music encoded with low bitrate are of lower sound quality whereas those encoded with higher bitrate are clearer and more pleasing to the ears. However, there are also other factors affecting the quality of the compressed MP3 digital music; these are the quality of the encoder and complexity of the signal encoded. Moreover, the quality of the computer, the speaker or the earphones through which one listens to the music also affects his judgment with regard to the sound quality.
Benefits of MP3 Digital Music
MP3 digital music is very versatile. It can be played using your personal computer or a laptop; it can be played through a portable, small and light MP3 player; it can be decompressed and recorded on a compact disk; and can be easily downloaded via the Internet. Through several software, which are also available for free, you can easily create MP3 digital music from other digital audio formats.
The best things about MP3 digital music is that it is inexpensive and can even be obtained for free. It makes acquiring and listening to high quality music easier, more pleasurable, and particularly, cheaper. Its small size also allows you to store hundreds of MP3 digital music on your computer or MP3 player with ease, helping you save money you might have spent for CDs.
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Mp3 Flash Players

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A Flash MP3 Player is a compact portable player that uses embedded flash memory instead of the rotating hard drive.
The major reason everyone loves a Flash MP3 player is that is the smallest MP3 player created today, so you can carry it in your pocket, purse, or briefcase and have your favorite tunes with you everywhere you go. It runs on either AA or AAA batteries according to the type and manufacturer that you choose.
This type of MP3 player gives you more freedom to have your hands free will, jogging, climbing mountains, sailing, or just pushing the baby carriage. It is the perfect MP3 player for every life-style. Men, women and children will love being able to carry around up to 20 hours of their favorite music with a personal Flash MP3 Player.
The choices of colors and styles will fit any personality and are stylish, dependable, durable, and great to receive as a gift.
The Flash MP3 Player does not have as much storage space as the larger hard drive players but can be found in a range of 64MB to 1 Gig. Prices can range from £25.00 to £234.00.
Once you begin searching for your favorite Flash MP3 Player you will amazed at just how many features these small, compact players have to offer. Some of the most popular features you can find with the various Flash MP3 players include full solid State recording technology, 64MB 128MB or 256MB On-board memory, MP3 Playback, Supports ID3 Tag's, normal repeats one all shuffle intro playback modes, various equalizer modes - Normal Classic Jazz Rock, hold function, adjustable contrast, file delete mode, search speed and skip speed set, and many other features according to the Flash Mp3 player you choose.

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